1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

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Weight:                  1 kilogram (32.15 Troy Ounces)

Dimensions:           4.5 x 2.2 x .5 in

Purity:                    99.9% Gold

Brand:                    Johnson Matthey

Lowest Price:         $41964.12

Condition:               New

Picture is an example only. Actual item is subject to change, but will always correlate with title and description.


Please note that Johnson Matthey made several variations in several different locations throughout the years. This image is a representation of the bar you will receive, but designs may vary.

One of the most valuable gold precious metal products in the world is a 1 Kilo gold bar. Products in this weight are coveted because they offer the greatest combination of weight and affordability. From one of the foremost producers of gold over the past century and a half, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars long represented a standard of excellence in the precious metals industry. Right now, 1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are available to purchase online from JM Bullion.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives in protective plastic.
  • Contains 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy oz) of .999 pure gold.
  • Obverse features engravings of mint logo and identifying markers.
  • Reverse left blank on purpose.

There are varying reasons behind the products that investors select when buying gold and other precious metal products. The 1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is viewed by many as a great value for its balance between weight and size, and affordability.

On the whole, 1 Kilo Gold Bars have a better price-per-ounce than smaller gold bars. At the same time, these 1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are easy to store even for their heavier weight. Gold continues to increase in popularity as market volatility continues in the modern era. As a safe-haven metal, gold provides stability while maintaining its intrinsic value even when markets are strong.

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